And they are off again……

The winter garden needed
some serious makeover.

We are ready for the first guests.

It feels like a very long time since since we have been to New Zealand and Indonesia. I thought I would have sorted through all the pictures by now and would have shown them to everybody who remotely showed some interest. NOTHING of that sort has happened. I have indeed spent numerous hours looking at the pictures, but it’s all far away from a final (manageable) selection of images. Since the amount of images started to irritate me slightly, I decided to focus on other things, like decorating the house. This is a really satisfying work. You see the results instantly (especially with the colour choices I made) and it’s tiring, which makes you feel as if you’ve done some work.

During the last 2.5 post project months we also have been back to the UK (prior to the Brexit disaster),  but this really deserves its own chapter, since we had a brilliant time and visited places we had not seen before, so stay tuned for our view on the island.

We also managed to unpack a few more boxes (still a lot more to unpack though), which is sometimes a rather interesting and sometimes also shocking adventure. But for now, all this has been put on hold.

After we came back from Indonesia we started thinking about the next steps we want to take. We were not quite ready to start looking for new jobs just now, but wanted to do something useful. My dream was going to Canada and doing a project either in the Yukon or Hudson Bay. And believe it or not, there was indeed a project in Churchill/Hudson Bay (Polar bear capital of the world!!!!). Roughly calculating the cost, including a holiday trip to the Yukon (obviously) made it clear that this might not be the best option for two jobless idealists, on their quest to save the planet.

So back to the drawing board.

We were hoping to find a project closer to home. And so we did (well, I have to admit Felix did – I was busy decorating)

Since Felix did all the hard work, it’s only fair that he should spill the beans and tell what we are up to.

On our way to the project we decided to do a little road trip and it looks like I’m finally going to see some parts of Germany I’ve never seen before.





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