My Seal River Lodge diary – Day 4 – 8th September 2017

A flock of snow geese are taking off

At this morning’s breakfast table you could see some tired but happy faces! For some of us it was the first time to see the Northern lights and I think most of them were happy that they have seen them. I for sure was happy.

This was our last day at Seal River lodge. Tomorrow we would exchange the comfort of the lodge with the excitement of camping in the tundra.

Bear protection at Jack’s Cabin

But first we were going on a six-wheeler trip to Jack’s Cabin. This was a day trip, which took us back out to the mouth of Seal River, but this time via the shoreline. Jack’s cabin can provide shelter for people that come here e.g. for hunting and the weather turns bad. After driving though small rivers leading towards the ocean and lots of foul-smelling mud we had lunch halfway to the cabin. Rob got a fire going in no time while Terry unpacked all the food the lodge had provided us with. We ate soup, hot dogs, salad and cake in the sun. Looks like bears don’t like hot dogs, since we had no visitors. After everything was packed away again, we carried on to the cabin and spent a relaxing afternoon there. The cabin has some serious bear protection, but you can still see some paw prints on the walls, where a bear tried its best to get in.

Sadly we didn’t come across another bear here either, but had some beautiful scenery and sunshine throughout the day.

Amy’s driving some of us back to the lodge

Back at the lodge we had to start packing. I spent some time taking detail shots of the lodge, which is fun, since there are so many little things to discover. The lodge really has been decorated with a lot of love and attention to detail. I truly will miss this place.

As mentioned, the second part of this trip was camping (for me this is the biggest challenge on this trip) at Schmok Lake. The lake is located in the area of the caribou migration route, and it goes without saying, we were hoping to see Caribous there.

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